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Shree Ravi Randal Mandir

This temple of Dadva is about 1100 years old in Dadva. The mandir actually is renowned three times. No one knows who first built and served the temple. The mandir is visited by more than 3000 to 4000 visitors monthly which shows the devotion of people. People come with lots of problems which would be solved by Mataji.

Religious vows of Randal Mataji:-

1)       To give children to those who donít have

2)       To give eyes to blind

3)       To give legs to lame persons.

4)       To relieve the persons from leprosy and skin diseases.

Persons having faith in Randal Mataji have their faiths fulfilled. Each and every caste of people have beliefs in Randal Mataji. Randal Mataji is residing everywhere.

The devotee who comes with all his devotion receives blessings from Mataji and get his work done.


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